Who We Are?

We are a leading technology consulting company, helping businesses across the globe become more digitally efficient. Our team of IT consultants comprises cross-industry subject matter experts who have more than 10 years’ worth of experience to their credit.

At Consultants from Asia, you get access to the rich technical expertise and valuable industry insights of our IT consultants across multiple domains like eCommerce, e-learning, real estate, travel, hospitality, supply chain management, and more. CFA consultants work with you to solve the most complex of your business issues with innovative and effective digital solutions.


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Expert's Team

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Our Work Process

CFA is a leading IT consultancy company. Check our Work Model to understand our methodology:

work process

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Tell us what you're up to. Together, we can turn your idea into a powerful tool for your business.

Industries We Serve

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Tell us what you're up to. Together, we can turn your idea into a powerful tool for your business.

Why Choose Us


Our professionals help these dreamers in nurturing their idea and develop and achieve their goals. we work with our clients as their advisors, as their consultant, and their technology partner, with experience in a wide array of industry verticals.

Our experts listen and understand the project idea, We ask questions to fill the gaps. We suggest keeping this idea aligned with the industry needs & trends We help our clients in giving a complete shape to a newborn idea. Once the business idea is developed, we do a cost analysis and share it with our clients to avoid any surprises during the execution.

We plan for our clients and create a road map with them to achieve their ultimate goals. Our project team keeps everything aligned with the budget and the timeline while ensuring the best quality of work. Our technology experts help our clients in giving an edge on the technology front.

Precise weekly and daily status updates keep our clients informed all the time, and they do not need to be worried about anything because we are there to take care of everything for them.

Once the idea is developed, it is launched by our project development team.

Our project marketing team does all the digital/non-digital marketing stuff to spread the word. Our Team takes care of the project throughout its whole ongoing journey. We do all the required maintenance work silently, on a specific frequency OR as and when it is required, to keep the project up and running all the time. We value your time, we value your money, and we value your trust in us.

As a technology partner, We are here to help you All The Time, Every Time. We do not want to satisfy you with our services. We want to AMAZE you.