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We take pride in being one of the best technology consulting companies in India, creating impressive success stories for clients with our customized and top-notch technology solutions. Our goal is to offer you the best guidance for turning your vision for impactful technology implementation into reality. Come to us with a project idea and our consulting experts will develop your idea into a powerful digital solution, while efficiently overseeing the project management throughout its lifecycle.

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Our Vision

Become the #1 Technology solution provider and one of the best places to work while maintaining superb client satisfaction.

Our Mission

Ensuring success of our clients and partners through highly optimized Technology solutions while enhancing the quality of life for our workforce and community.






Team Size


Man Hours

Our Engagement Model

We offer different engagement options to suit the varying needs of businesses. You can engage our experts to oversee all the management-related aspects of your software project, such as research and analysis, budgeting, scheduling, etc. In addition to managing the project, we can also take care of the software development aspect if you require us to.

Fixed Cost

If you have a definite vision for your project from the get-go, meaning that everything from project scope to budget is outlined clearly at the beginning itself, then the fixed cost model may be right for you.


In this model, experts will devote a specific number of hours to working on your project, where the price per hour is pre-determined. You only pay for the hours that you’ve hired the experts for.

T & M

For large-scale projects where defining all project requirements at the start itself isn’t feasible, the time and material model is perfect. Ensuring high flexibility, this model helps manage changing project requirements easily.


If you wish to work with our expert team on a long-term basis, then let’s build a partnership. As partners, we’ll stand with you at every step, offering brilliant technical expertise and outstanding professional commitment.

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Agile Methodology

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