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There has been a significant boom in the eLearning industry over the past few years, thanks to the growing content digitization among many other factors. Globally, in 2020, the industry’s market size had already exceeded a whopping USD 250 billion. eLearning is not just used for academic education but is also widely used in training courses for corporate employees. While online learning had already been in popular use earlier, due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has pretty much become the current norm.

As the industry continues to witness impressive growth, eLearning solution providers will need to develop engaging and cutting-edge platforms to cater to the learning needs of students as well as employees. With the help of expert eLearning consulting services, businesses can launch educational solutions based on sophisticated technologies like machine learning, VR/AR, AI, etc.


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Build Your Solution with Our eLearning Consultants

Looking to develop a solution that offers a superior online learning experience? Our experienced eLearning consultants can help you with the various aspects of the solution building and managing process. Right from establishing initial strategy and evaluating and fulfilling technology requirements, to developing the digital content and monitoring the platform for timely efficiency-related upgrades, our consultants can manage your eLearning project leveraging their immense industry experience.From 2021 to 2027, the market size for eLearning is expected to enjoy a CAGR growth of over 21%.A major portion of the global eLearning sector lies in Europe and the United States.Even Fortune 500 companies, almost 2 out of 5, are leveraging eLearning.


A Glance at Our Major eLearning Expertise Areas

If you’re looking to build a holistic eLearning platform that serves the learning needs of modern, tech-savvy learners, then we, a leading eLearning development company, are here to help you. Our experts have guided organizations through custom eLearning development and implementation of engaging solutions, driven by the latest technologies and concepts, in a time- and cost-efficient way. Here’s a brief peek into the expertise of our experienced eLearning consultants.

New Technologies

Our e-commerce solutions are flexible and customizable for the specific needs of a business. We are providing e-commerce solutions to fresh startups as well as large enterprise-level players with our years of experience in the online e-commerce industry

Future Scope for eLearning Sector

With more and more students and employees around the globe looking for a flexible, accessible, convenient, and efficient style of education, the appeal for eLearning will continue to increase. The use of advanced technologies like AI and VR in the industry is ushering in a new era for academic and corporate learning. Here are a few interesting trends in eLearning development that businesses should take note of.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can tailor personalized education experience for learners, by leveraging important data related to each learner. The integration of AI into eLearning can ensure that each student enjoys a customized learning environment.

Virtual Reality

Experiential and immersive learning is what VR offers when it comes to online education. VR simulations allow learners to closely engage with the content, thus allowing a deeper understanding of the same.


The use of gaming techniques and formats in eLearning is certainly a great way to encourage interest and motivation in learners. Adding gaming elements to eLearning software solutions means adding fun to the overall learning process!

Social Learning

This form of learning is supported by tools that enable collaboration between individuals, like file-sharing solutions, chatrooms, discussion forums, etc. Social learning has become an integral element in eLearning.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Tell us what you're up to. Together, we can turn your idea into a powerful tool for your business.

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